An old friend of mine just reminded me of a weird underground hip-hop song we used to listen to. Celph Titled - Root Beers In Your Fridge. I haven't heard it in years but as soon as he mentioned it everything came rushing back to me. We used to put that song on every mix cd we ever made. It made driving to school every day a little less terrible. Now, I'm looking for it again and can't find it anywhere. Doesn't seem to have been uploaded to youtube or any streaming sites, and all I can find about it are old interviews and track listings of old mixtapes and such. I'm going to scour my stacks of old burned cds and an old hard drive or two, and see if I can't find it somewhere. I'm beginning to think I imagined it all...


  1. Hope you find that song, definitely post it if you do!

  2. Ugh you made me want a root beer but all i have is MTN Dew :(