The Scariest Thing

It is this. This Halloween Snickers commercial is the scariest thing. You have been warned.



I'm a sucker for adding symphonies to songs. One of the classiest moves, in my book. And Ben Folds' music lends itself really well to an orchestral backing.


I Deserve A Break Today

Fast break from music if you don't mind. I saw this old commercial for McDonald's and honestly I don't know what to think.

I can't decide if this is the most disgusting or the most delicious burger I've ever seen.

Full disclosure: I haven't gone full veg or anything, but I haven't eaten at McD's or ANY fast food place in over a year. Even so, I can remember that last double quarter pounder like it was yesterday. It was so enjoyable and vomit-enducing at the same time... I don't even KNOW anymore! Someone please tell me I'm not a horrible person for wanting a gross fast food burger right now. Or tell me I'm right for not eating this awful garbage. SOMEONE TELL ME SOMETHING!!!


Take it away

Another quickie. Been listening to some older light indie rock lately, nothing too new. I can't keep on the cutting edge of new releases with so much good stuff already in my library. This week I've been stuck on Yeasayer's older album, All Hour Cymbals. Soothing, not too heavy, dark at times. It's solid from start to finish. Definitely one of my favorite indie albums.


I Know Something

Man it has been SO LONG since my last post. I'm not gonna lie, WoW is to blame. I said it in the last post, and boy oh boy did the addiction hit me hard. The very MINUTE that I got my new video card, I basically abandoned all other pursuits in favor of the world (of warcraft). I feel like I've let my followers down, and for that I am truly sorry.

On the good news tip, I've decided to come back hard, with a vengeance, or die. Hard. Trying. Or something.

From this day forth, I'm going to post non-stop. Get ready for daily (often times more than one-a-day) posts. New songs. Old songs. Classic hip-hop. Leaks from the cutting edge. Basically whatever music is on my mind at any given moment. PLUS random day to day thoughts. Maybe some WoW stuff (God knows there's a lot of news on that front), who knows!

Let me start off the new era of -rbs- by hitting you with one of my favorite mid-school jams from the day. I was a HUGE fan of Jurassic 5, and still am to an extent. So when I heard this track from DJ Format back in the day, I was all over it. So here you go. The jam featuring Chali 2na from J5.

Be back tomorrow. Believe that.


wow just wow


Yes, I reactivated my account. Yes, I'm totally enthralled once again. Yes, I'm grinding out daily heroics on 4 characters, not to mention finishing off the Brewfest achievements on the couple who don't have the title yet, and pvping on my warlock. Yes, that's the reason my blog posts have been sparse/absent lately. Yes, I am a sad sad human being. Yes, I'm still having the time of my life.

I have no excuse other than... haters gonna hate!

WoW is still the most fun you can have with your friends online. Seriously, a group of close friends doing ANYTHING in this game - as long as it's done together - can be so enjoyable that you forget that anything else ever existed. And don't even get me started on all the new Cataclysm info that pops up every day (I can't even tell you how excited I am for all the changes planned for the expansion).

I promise I won't make it a habit of missing daily posts because of wow from now on. I'm still listening to new music, rediscovering classics, and blowing my own mind with sound. And I'll certainly be reporting on all that shortly. But for the time being, this beast has grabbed hold once again and I don't see it letting go any time soon.