I Deserve A Break Today

Fast break from music if you don't mind. I saw this old commercial for McDonald's and honestly I don't know what to think.

I can't decide if this is the most disgusting or the most delicious burger I've ever seen.

Full disclosure: I haven't gone full veg or anything, but I haven't eaten at McD's or ANY fast food place in over a year. Even so, I can remember that last double quarter pounder like it was yesterday. It was so enjoyable and vomit-enducing at the same time... I don't even KNOW anymore! Someone please tell me I'm not a horrible person for wanting a gross fast food burger right now. Or tell me I'm right for not eating this awful garbage. SOMEONE TELL ME SOMETHING!!!


  1. That burger is beautiful, but like you i stopped eating fast food about a year ago so im sure i would puke if i scarfed it down :)

  2. Haha, order a triple mcgangbang, fish + chicken + beef = win

    steps : say i'd like a filet o fish + mcchicken + quarter pounder, and please turn it into one sandwich!

  3. I haven't had McDonald's in like a year.

    Good riddance. :P