I Know Something

Man it has been SO LONG since my last post. I'm not gonna lie, WoW is to blame. I said it in the last post, and boy oh boy did the addiction hit me hard. The very MINUTE that I got my new video card, I basically abandoned all other pursuits in favor of the world (of warcraft). I feel like I've let my followers down, and for that I am truly sorry.

On the good news tip, I've decided to come back hard, with a vengeance, or die. Hard. Trying. Or something.

From this day forth, I'm going to post non-stop. Get ready for daily (often times more than one-a-day) posts. New songs. Old songs. Classic hip-hop. Leaks from the cutting edge. Basically whatever music is on my mind at any given moment. PLUS random day to day thoughts. Maybe some WoW stuff (God knows there's a lot of news on that front), who knows!

Let me start off the new era of -rbs- by hitting you with one of my favorite mid-school jams from the day. I was a HUGE fan of Jurassic 5, and still am to an extent. So when I heard this track from DJ Format back in the day, I was all over it. So here you go. The jam featuring Chali 2na from J5.

Be back tomorrow. Believe that.